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Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa   
06:55pm 09/01/2009
  heard this song on kcrw around 1am yesteray morning and thought it was sweet.


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"at least" 2 or 1 inches of rain expected   
07:05am 05/08/2008
  Where my oldest brother Jeff and his family lives in Texas, meeting up with Hurricane Edouard at 7am (pacific)/9am (central). It's no Katrina, but still fun:

Watch updates and click on weather layers, cloud and radar:

His message: "Just gearing up. Got generator put together, gassed and tested."


Fraud Jeffs:
Jim Payne, funk drummer (credit to Marc for showing me last night)

Sufjan Stevens

Other news:
~[new] family in town - neat!
~going to Venice Canals/Beach with everyone today hence earlybird work
~Ashley is my special little lady and it's about time we're togetherbetterthanever! We get pretty lovey-dovey.

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just like old times   
02:40am 08/01/2008
mood: could work more
i got home from work a few minutes ago. 6 hours of overtime = an extra $130 on my paycheck.

(6 YEAH | RIGHT!'s) - "the jungle"   
10:59am 13/12/2007
mood: excited
yeah so i live at two different houses now - go me!

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a nightly heist with feist   
12:32pm 13/11/2007
  last night was gooooooood...

honey honey

sea lion woman

i miss you wutkee

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06:38am 11/10/2007
  freakin' school...

...and procrastination.


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12:16am 01/09/2007
mood: pensive
so air is playing in a few weeks, but $47.45 with all extra charges included is kind of a lot. if someone wants to put up the mons also, i'll go.

Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Fri, Sep 21, 2007 07:30 PM

Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
Mon, Sep 24, 2007 09:00 PM

Air - Mer du Japon Video

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!!!, blonde redhead, and minus the bear   
11:42am 25/08/2007
mood: excited
just bought 2 tickets to each - hurry and get yours!

!!! chkchkchk w/the field
Wed, 09/26/07
09:30 PM Avalon Hollywood
Hollywood, CA

blonde redhead w/autolux
Thu, 10/25/07
09:00 PM The Wiltern
Los Angeles, CA

minus the bear w/helio sequence & grand archives
Sat, 11/03/07
07:30 PM Avalon Hollywood
Hollywood, CA

i haven't bought tickets for the show at the glass house, but i'm willing to go:
minus the bear w/helio sequence & grand archives
Sun, 11/04/07
07:00 PM Glass House
Pomona, CA

man am i excited!

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11:39pm 24/08/2007
mood: noth
at andrew's.

i'm downloading way too many movies for my own good, but then again, what else would i do with 900 gigabytes of space and now internet as fast as calihouse?

bought more matix pants today

CSUN started thursday :( definitely not ready - i didn't know it started thursday until tuesday

can't wait for roadtripping friends to come home and for jon jenkins' party.

room mates and other friends went to san diego.

i'm warming up some trader joe's mac and cheese and gonna watch crank now.

and some fun...

doesn't this picture make you smile? it made me smile.
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probably one of the best/worst facial hair designs i've ever had:
a little bad ass
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a little bad ass a little sexy
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my oldest brother jeff and the levitron. sorry it's so crappy, it's from my phone.

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02:56am 21/08/2007
  i'm home, but i wish i was still in texas playing with all my nieces and nephews, mainly play fighting with marcus.

i also wish i was on the road trip to canada :(

571 pictures/video taken =ing 858mb (a lot are of wakeboarding - for analytical purposes)

it was really hot and humid and at the same time thunder and lightning and warnings on the freeway saying, "hurricane forming near gulf, keep gas tanks full"

this is how i was greeted - 4 on 1 attack on my bum
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the whole point of the trip was to see the new babies. which is why my name on myspace is the way that it is "j-csmc-pzn-o?" = jacinda - cadence, sydney, marcus, cooper - paige, zoe, naomi - olivia and mystery baby due feb 29th leap year. all they do is sleep.

my brother's wife had a boy, cooper jefferson dougherty, on july 25th
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and my sister had a daughter, naomi quinn ruehlen, on july 29th
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haha leroy is being crazy! he was excited to see me (everyone was asleep when i came home) so i played with him for a bit and decided it was time for me to sleep so i closed my door - but he kept hitting and scratching at it to come in and whining tons. so now he's here licking and biting my drawers, haha crazy dee oh double g.

more pictures to come and...

my camera is dead. another one of these :(

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off to texas   
02:46am 14/08/2007

no time for anything else to say.

be back in a week.

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important again   
06:05pm 10/08/2007
  i stumbled across these. part 2 is better...

part 1

i miss dancing with ryan
part 2

sorry joey and ryan if you hate these.

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beach boys tonight - ventura county fair - 7:30pm   
05:10pm 07/08/2007
  $5 for parking, $8 for admission.

i'm gonna leave straight from westlake, probably around 6:00pm or so. let me know if you wanna go, just meet me in westlake and i'll drive to ventura. we'll be meeting up with my sister, niece, dad, and maybe my brother-in-law.

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07:24pm 06/08/2007
  if you have already watched this it's worth watching again... and if you haven't then you're in for a treat:

ryan and jared in amsterdam @ heineken factory experience

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meat pigman   
04:46am 16/07/2007
mood: nothing
not nearly as good, but still stronger than turtleman...

haha this took me way too long

it's almost 5am and we leave in 2 1/2 hours for our roadtrip. me, ryan, christian, and joey. we hope to pick up jake on the way. this is gonna be boog and good. see, i should be in bed. i'm getting cold and i need to pack a few things. we're heading north. see you thursday or friday.


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03:46am 11/07/2007
mood: stairway to bed
i was going to put some more content to this, but i'd rather go to bed. i just got home from 12 hours at work and i came in through the backyard and i think i startled leroy. either way he got really excited and was wagging his tail like crazy and was walking along the edge of the couch. he's hanging out with me now.

i was listening to stairway to heaven on the way home in the dark, cool night. it was so perfect. so instead, enjoy:

i'm downloading the new iron and wine also

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independence at last   
11:00am 04/07/2007
  off to the ventura street fair. philly cheese steak here i come.

everyone has gotta listen to "more than a feeling" by boston.

a tribute to arlen matheson:

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the 15,000th result...   
06:18pm 03/07/2007

now i gotta think of a prize, dang.

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hurry and win! be my 15,000th visitor!   
05:42pm 03/07/2007
  i almost have 15,000 profile views, be #15,000 and get a prize!!!

you gotta leave me a comment or something, so i know who wins!

uh oh now i'm at 14,996!

my brother joseph, his wife marie, and my little niece olivia arrive today. can't wait.

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synchronicity, scrantonicity, symmetry   
06:25pm 21/06/2007
  so tonight me and my eldest sister jennifer are going to see the police in long beach. foo fighters were supposed to open for them but instead i guess it's sting's son's band or some crap like that. foo fighters are opening for them saturday at dodger stadium.




should be a successful night

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